DISPLAY DAY – Participants List.

Sunday 30th June 2019

Please note, this is not the running order!

All Shows will include performances by our Display Teams and Elite Gymnasts!


9am Registration               9.30am Performance

Pre – School ——- Yellow Submarine

Mon 4pm Girls—–Jailhouse Rock

Mon 5pm Girls—–Charleston      

Mon 7pm Girls —-Wham                          

Thurs 4pm Girls—- Abba

Mon 4pm & Thurs 4pm Boys —Elton John


11:30am Registration         12noon Performance

Pre – School ——- Yellow Submarine

Wed 4 pm Girls — Jailhouse Rock

Fri 4pm Girls —— Charleston

Weds 5pm Girls & Weds 7pm Girls —-Wham

Mon 6pm Girls——Abba

Tues 4pm Boys—–Elton John

Display 3:  

 2:30pm Registration           3pm Performance

Pre – School —— – Yellow Submarine

Sat 1pm Girls —— Jailhouse Rock

Sat 12noon Girls— Charleston                  

Sat 11 am Girls —- Wham           

Sat 9am Boys——-Elton John               

Weds 6pm Boys & Sat 10am Boys—– Queen