Recreational Information


Recreational classes run most days and are organised by educational year groups. Keeping the gymnasts in the same age class as their peers at school has proved to be the most beneficial to them. We do not run any mixed gymnastic classes, boys and girls classes are run completely separately.



Currently, many of our recreational classes are full. To notify you of any spaces, we operate a mailing list system: as soon as a space becomes available, everyone on the list is notified via email. The space is then offered on a first come, first served basis. Please note that preference for our reception classes are given to our gymnasts in our pre-school gym.  To join the mailing list please see our “How to Join” page.



Bromley Valley has its own recreational uniform that is available to purchase online – please go to the “Uniform” page on this website for details. All gymnasts are expected to wear the uniform once they have settled into the club and will not be permitted to take part in our annual badge day, competition etc. without it.



Gymnasts are not permitted to wear any kind of jewellery. Long hair must be tied back from the face with soft hair bobbles.



Bromley Valley has a brilliant team of parents committed to raising much needed funds for the club. They’re a friendly bunch and would happily welcome any new members or ideas. If you have a bit of time to spare regardless of how little or how often, please call us on 0208 300 5964 and we will put you in touch with them.


Frequently Asked Questions


Is Bromley Valley a British Gymnastics registered club?

Yes, and we are also a member of London Gymnastics. We are also a ‘Gym Mark’ accredited club which means that our club is recognised by BG and their partners as a safe, effective and child friendly club, providing a service in the community that children and young people, their parents/carers and others with a passion for gymnastics can trust.


What is the annual British Gymnastics membership for?

This annual fee (September to September) includes the gymnasts insurance, without which they are not permitted to take part. The fee of £17.00 is payable at whichever part of the year you join and will still expire and need to be renewed directly with British Gymnastics, in the month of September.


Can I sit inside the gym to watch?

Parents of gymnasts are not permitted inside the gym but we have a large waiting area outside the gym itself that you are welcome to use to watch the class or entertain younger siblings.

My son/daughter seems very able; can I ask for him/her to go into a squad?

If our senior coaches believe that your child is showing above average ability for gymnastics, they will invite them to attend a squad assessment. Many gymnasts do not make it into squad the first time around; this is not a reflection on them, it may just mean that they need to spend another term or two in their recreational class learning the foundation skills and will then be invited to come along to another assessment at a later date.

Are the classes structured?

Yes, classes are planned accordingly each term. All classes start with a cardiovascular warm up, and some basic mobility and flexibility exercises. Gymnasts are then put into groups where they rotate around the equipment in the gym with their coach. Most groups have no more than 7 to 8 children in them.

Can my child just come and try one lesson to see if they like it?

Unfortunately we do not offer a trial session, however, you are more than welcome to come along and watch any lesson before you commit to full terms fees, but generally the children like the look of it so much that they don’t want to sit still and watch!

Do you hold any special events throughout the year?

We hold an annual Display in July that all gymnasts will be invited to take part in. Parents, family and friends are all more than welcome to come and watch, it’s a great way to see not only what your child has been learning but to view all aspects of our club and the further gymnastic possibilities as the children get older. “Badge day” is another great way for your child to show you all of the skills they have so proudly accomplished in order to attain their badge, and our annual Club Competition, held in March, gives our recreational gymnasts a chance to shine in front of the judges and experience the thrill of competing in the same way as our squad gymnasts.


Are there any badges or award schemes?

All Bromley Valley gymnasts work towards the BG Proficiency Awards scheme. These badges are progressive in skill and give the gymnasts the chance to achieve the next level up on a yearly basis.


Do I need to give notice if I wish to leave?

Yes please. We currently have waiting lists for each class so we politely request that you give half a terms notice should your child wish to leave.


I have a complaint or a concern, who do I speak to?

Please inform Paul Welch our Head of General Gymnastics of any concerns you have on 0208 300 5964 or email





As a member of Bromley Valley Gymnastics Club parents and gymnasts are expected to abide by the following club rules:

Please inform the Head Coach of any injury or illness they may have before the beginning of the class.

Please ensure you arrive in time for the start of the lesson. The warm up is a very important part of the session and children that arrive continuously more than ten minutes late may be told that they are not permitted to take part.

Please ensure your child goes to the toilet BEFORE the class.

Please do not enter the gym or go on any apparatus without a coach being present.

Long hair MUST be tied back off the face with SOFT hair ties. Hard or plastic hair bobbles will have to be removed.

Gymnasts will not be permitted to take part in a session if they are wearing jeans, a hooded top, skirts, flared trousers, or any clothing with zips or toggles.

No jewellery of any description is to be worn. Please note that this includes all earrings, even stud earrings are not permitted as they invalidate our insurance.

Gymnasts are not allowed to eat or drink in the gym. Should your child wish to bring a drink it must be kept outside.

Children will not be permitted to leave the gymnasium unless they are accompanied by a parent/carer. Although you do not have to stay during class YOU MUST ensure someone else (i.e., another parent known to your child) is happy to take responsibility for your child in your absence (for instance, for when they need to go to the toilet).